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"Whenever the price of cryptocurrency is rallying, people start spending a lot more."
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"I don't want to be famous. I like to be able to sit in a cafe and watch the world go by and observe people."
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FAQ of Cryptocurrency

With virtual currencies all the rage, here are the pertinent facts you should know before you invest.

  • Digital currencies are exceptionally volatile

    Probably the first thing you'll notice if you've been following cryptocurrencies is that they're exceptionally volatile. This derives from the fact that virtual currency trading occurs on various cryptocurrency exchanges rather than a central exchange, leading to increased volatility.

    Since the year began, the aggregate market cap of all cryptocurrencies combined has increased by more than 3,200% as of Dec. 18. Nonetheless, bitcoin, the world's most popular cryptocurrency, has undergone four corrections of at least 20% over the past six months. In short, cryptocurrencies aren't for the faint of heart.

  • Cryptocurrencies have no fundamental backing

    Unlike the U.S. dollars in your wallet, or any other currency around the world, digital currencies aren't backed by a central bank or a government.

    They also have no tangible fundamental factors with which to help derive an appropriate valuation. Whereas you can look at the earnings history of a publicly trading stock to estimate its worth, or the economic performance of a country with regard to GDP growth to value a currency like the dollar, digital currencies have no direct fundamental ties. This makes valuing cryptocurrencies in a traditional sense especially difficult, if not impossible.

  • There are more than 1,300 cryptocurrencies (but bitcoin is king)

    f you've been following the appreciation of virtual currencies, you've probably heard an awful lot about bitcoin -- and with good reason. It was the first tradable cryptocurrency that was brought to market, and it currently makes up 54% of the aggregate $589 billion market cap of all cryptocurrencies.

    However, it's far from alone. There are more than 1,300 other virtual currencies that investors can buy, of which over two dozen have a market cap that's in excess of $1 billion.

  • Blockchain is where the real value lies

    Despite the emphasis on trading virtual currencies, it's actually what underlies cryptocurrencies that could be particularly valuable.

    Blockchain technology is the infrastructure that cryptocurrencies like bitcoin are founded on. It's a digital and decentralized ledger that records payment and transfer transactions in a safe and efficient manner. It's also the big reason why big businesses are so excited.

  • Blockchain has numerous other advantages

    But there's more to like about blockchain technology than just its decentralization. Because miners are working 24 hours a day and seven days a week to verify transactions, they can be settled much quicker than through traditional banking, which sticks to normal businesses hours, closes for the weekends, and often holds funds for a few days. Plus, without a middleman, transaction costs can actually go down with blockchain.

    Additionally, blockchain offers user control and transparency. Rather than letting a third-party control the future of a cryptocurrencies' blockchain, members of a cryptocurrencies' community are who call the shots with regard to future development.


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